Last Month, we had a very successful Self Defense Class. BIG SHOUT OUT to Raw Iron Gym for opening their gym and providing an opportunity for us to learn how to defend ourselves. We are bringing back another Self Defense Class this month at Raw Iron Gym after popular request. Mark your calendar for July 23 from 11 am – 1 pm at Raw Iron Gym. We are looking forward to seeing you there again!! 

People showed interest in having other workshops. Those that the Deaf Center is working towards are; retirement planning, cyber security, license to carry, and firearm safety. This is where the Deaf Center could use your help – please give us suggestions of what kind of workshop you would like to see in the future. We would like to offer more workshops, classes, or events for young families and singles. If you would like to teach on, please also contact us. 

What are your thoughts? Your opinion and voices are valued with the Deaf Center. Contact our interpreter coordinator, Alana Husband, at with your ideas! We look forward to hearing from you.