If you need to REQUEST an interpreter, please fill out this form and the Interpreter Coordinator will be in touch with you in a timely manner.

Fill out our form or reach out to learn more about our interpreting services.

Our business or organization is responsible for setting up communication services and arranging the appointment with the client.

The business that requests for the services is also responsible for payment.

TDHHC bills at the end of the month.

You may request or reject a specific interpreter. We will do our best to honor your request. Keep in mind interpreters cannot be double-booked. If the interpreter not desired is the only one available, we will call you to discuss this further.

Have more questions? Not a problem. We’re here to help.

Alana Husband: Interpreter Coordinator
903-206-2210 (direct VP)
903-617-6204 (voice via relay)

Our interpreter services have become well established in the community, offering much needed services for deaf individuals. Our interpreters are certified and qualified to provide excellent service in a variety of settings.


The Tyler Deaf and Hard of Hearing Center (TDHHC) makes it easier for entities like doctor s offices, hospitals and attorneys to comply with ADA regulations that prohibit exclusivity by providing a simple agreement to ensure we consistently and reliably offer services at predictable, straight forward rates. 

Our prices are reasonable and competitive. For example, the base rate for community/medical interpreting is the same whether the assignment requires a basic level or a master level interpreter. This allows TDHHC provide the client (you) with the most appropriate and effective interpreter regardless of the assignment. In other words, if you need a master level interpreter, it wont cost you anymore than if you needed a basic level interpreter, but you can always feel confident that you will receive an interpreter fit to your assignment’s specific needs. 

Specialty interpreters, such as Court/Legal and the like, have a separate but still reasonable, and industry competitive billing rate. We are a non-profit organization. Our goal is not to make money, but to pay great interpreters an industry standard wage to insure we always have the best interpreters available for our clients. 

Additionally, businesses and other entities can confidently offer their deaf consumers qualified certified interpreters without extra expense based on the interpreters level of certification. This allows TDHHC to be any business entitys ” insurance ” or back-up plan” even if they use another agencies’ services. 


If you are interested in becoming one of our interpreters submit your resume here and our Interpreter Coordinator will be in touch with you. Also, check our job postings page for information on potential job availabilities.


For information about how to become an interpreter, contact TJC Sign Language Interpreter Training Program: 

We understand the importance of growing advanced interpreters; TDHHC provides mentoring opportunities for interpreters who wish to attain higher/specialized certifications. 

Shadowing opportunities are available for student interpreters. 

The Tyler Deaf and Hard of Hearing Center strives to be an all-inclusive deaf-friendly resource. We hope you enjoy and make use of our helpful information, resources, and services. 

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