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Interpreter Services

To REQUEST an interpreter, please call the Communication Coordinator at 903-617-6204 or email:

  • Our interpreters are certified and qualified to provide excellent service in a variety of settings.
  • Our rates are reasonable and competitive. For example, the community/medical interpreting base rate is the same whether the assignment requires a basic level or master level interpreter. This allows the entity to provide the most appropriate effective interpreter for the assignment. In other words, if you need a master level interpreter, it won’t cost the entity more. (Court/Legal or other specialty interpreters have a separate but still reasonable rate.)
  • We understand the importance of growing advanced interpreters; TDHHC provides mentoring opportunities for interpreters who wish to attain higher/specialized certifications.
  • Shadowing opportunities are available for student interpreters.


For information about working as an independent contractor with TDHHC, call the Communication Coordinator at 903-617-6204 and email your resume to:

Interpreter Training Programs

For information about how to become an interpreter contact TJC Sign Language Interpreter Training Program: